Saturday, January 2, 2016

A finished project!

Not surprisingly, in the last year I have done a lot of knitting of tension squares but have run out of time and energy for more involved projects! However over the last few months a number of my friends have had babies so I have started a few knitted presents and am very excited to announce that I actually managed to finish one! 

I wish I had found this pattern for when my little ones were babies. I loved having knitted clothing for them but always struggled with finding patterns that I liked and that had enough space under their chubby chins. The pattern is Baby Vertebrae by Pekapeka and can be found on Ravelry here. The yarn is odds and ends of two of the yarns that we made for our Kickstarter backers. The colours are natural brown and fawn.

It has been a huge year for us with the mill starting and our boys growing by the day! Xavie is somehow managing to be cheeky even without any words and has a magic smile that just makes the whole world smile with him. James is becoming more independent by the minute and loves touching all the yarns I bring home. He is old enough to be interested in what I'm doing so once I've finished the promised baby knitting projects I think I'll involve him in picking the pattern for a jumper or vest for winter next year.  

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